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Kenyan Flag Bracelet is one of the most sort after item that identifies one as KENYAN. 
The Kenyan Flag Bracelet is not only worn as a jewelry, decoration but also as a tool that portrays deep patriotism.
The Kenya Flag Bracelet is where the Story begins. Having been born and raised in or outside Kenya, nothing says I'M KENYAN louder than a Kenyan Flag Bracelet.
The Orion Group aims to use our Orion Kenya Platform to not only promote Kenya with our flag colours but to also feed the needy Kenyan brothers and sisters, for every purchase of the Kenyan Flag Bracelet 50% of sales (not profits ) goes towards feeding 1 Kenyan family.

A Few Words About this Great Bracelet

Our History

The Kenyan Flag Bracelet has become one of the greatest pieces worn by Kenyans and Non-Kenyans across the World. Even famous celebrities has worn this great piece of Art, including celebrities like David Beckham's Daughter, Harper Beckham, Maasai Ujiri, a Kenya-Nigerian born former NBA Star and currently the Executive President of Toronto Raptors and several other Kenyan Celebrities and public figures such as Hon. President Uhuru Kenyatta.

We aim to use the rich History of this art piece to show love and togetherness by feeding the needy families for every bracelet purchased on this website

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