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KALONZO is a real watermelon – See what he has just said about UHURU’s term extension – This is why RAILA ODINGA hates him like Satan

Sunday February 10, 2019-Wiper Democratic Movement party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, has said he was misquoted and did not propose to extend President

Sunday February 10, 2019-Wiper Democratic Movement party leader,Kalonzo Musyoka, has said he was misquoted and did not propose toextend President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term.

On Friday when meeting, Kamba leaders in Machakos County,Kalonzo said he is ready to support for extension of Uhuru’s term limit andsaid he is ready to be called names for making such a shocking proposal.

But speaking during a funeral at Kiunduani, Makindu inMakueni county on Saturday Kalonzo said he was only suggesting for Uhuru’s termextension and he was not serious when making the remark.

“Imade it very plain but some people misquoted me. When I say the nextgovernment, clearly, am going to work for it,” Musyoka said

“When I say I meanit. When I said I have forgiven my brother Uhuru, I meant it but I did not sayPresident Uhuru Kenyatta should have a third term,” Musyoka added.

Atthe same time, Kalonzo clarified that he doesn’t harbour any hard feelingstowards Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

The former Vicepresident rubbished this saying the buried their political differences longtime ago.

Ngilu who attendedthe funeral asked the Kamba people to register in big masses as voters so as togive Kalonzo an upper hand in leadership of this country.

“For now let’s notlie to Kalonzo. We don’t have numbers. When we will have the numbers I willhold his hand and take him to Uhuru and Raila. But for now, up your game”,Ngilu said.


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