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How tribalism is almost killing the SDA church, KIKUYUS blamed for sidelining Luos and Kisii.


I have been listening to a former elder from Maxwell SDA church (Nairobi) about the genesis of the leadership wrangles


I have been listening to a former elder from Maxwell SDAchurch (Nairobi) about the genesis of the leadership wrangles & squabblesengulfing that church of the ‘remnants’ and this is what I’ve gathered:

It’s PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE that the SDA Church has its roots in South Nyanzaregion (Kisii, Nyamira, Migori, and Homa Bay)…as a matter of FACT, 90% of thechurch’s membership and contributions in Nairobi are made up of Luos andKisiis.

But when the Central Kenya Conference (CKC) elections at Karura(conference headquarters) were held, the two communities were edged out by analliance of that brought into office the executive office: ExecutiveDirector/CEO (Kikuyu), Deputy ED (Meru) and Treasurer (Akamba). People (Kisiis& Luos) complained & even petitioned the global office…in fact, theyeven went to court. This was the genesis of the problems currently beingexperienced at the Maxwell Church.

Then the “Handshake” was devolved to the church…

Majority of Maxwell church members are Kisiis followed by Luos. Tocounter the Kisiis wave through a DIVIDE & RULE scheme, the CKC “rigged in”the nomination of church elders thus ONLY Luo elders were nominated.

Now the Kisiis have revolted. No paying tithe & offerings, no takingup junior positions like Deacon & no “eating” of the communion until thesituation is made “right”. They’ve also petitioned the Global office.

Maxwell Church is virtually the largest & most powerful singlechurch congregate. It contributes 15M per month to the CKC (180M per year).Some of its notable members include Justice Daniel Maraga, Senator Sam Ongeri,the Nyachaes, all top Luo leaders excluding Raila

A church whose membership is 90+% Kisiis & Luos MUST NOT be led bythe Minority. It’s COMMON DECENCY. Can our fellow servants from Mt Kenya stopgreedy and share leadership otherwise they should bring more worshipers fromtheir stronghold. I mean they shouldbuild their base and come to share the national cake.


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