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UHURU and RAILA want to re-introduce dictatorship using referendum – veteran politician KOIGI WAMWERE says and urges Kenyans to reject it

Sunday February 10,2019-Former Subukia MP , Koigi Wamwere, has urged Kenyans to reject  the proposed referendum saying it is plan of President

Sunday February 10,2019-Former Subukia MP , Koigi Wamwere, has urged Kenyansto reject the proposed referendumsaying it is plan of President Uhuru Kenyattaand National Super Alliance ( NASA )leader , Raila Odinga, of re-introducingdictatorship in Kenya.

Speaking on Sauti ya Mwananchi Radio's Cheche Show Saturday evening, Koigi said theintended changes on the constitution are meant to establish dictatorship inKenya.

"We cannot always be changing laws tosuit a group of people. If that's the direction we will take then we might landinto dictatorship," Koigi said.

He also took issue with the proposal toexpand the executive to include among others, a Prime Ministerial slot and twodeputies.

"Wecannot all be in government. Let's not introduce laws that will harm us in thefuture," he said.

Koigimerged his Chama Cha Mwananchi party with the ruling Jubilee Party in the runup to the 2017 polls but later fell out with the party after losing out in theNakuru senatorial primaries.

Hewent ahead to join Raila's ODM party and he was again thrashed by Jubilee’sLeeKinyanjui.


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