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Why RUTO’s speech at Chatham house was a disaster, he wasted a golden opportunity and behaved like a village leader.

I attended an event at Chatham house where His Excellency DP William Ruto was giving a speech on Inclusion and growth.

I must

I attended an event at Chatham house where His ExcellencyDP William Ruto was giving a speech on Inclusion and growth.

I must say, am privileged to grace events in this prestigioushouse and is not something I take for granted.

I am not a great supporter of Ruto but wanted to listen to whathe had to say. It is important to give politicians a fair hearing without beingjudgemental. But brethren, I can’t explain my disappointment! DP had a globalplatform to sell himself and showcase Kenya but instead played local politicsand attacked Hon Raila for most of his speech. Showed a lot of bitterness andpettiness.

My fellow Kenyans, I can’t force who to vote for in the next election but amsure it will be the best decision for the country.

When is Ruto appearing in front of the Building Bridgesinitiative and recommend his old KANU governance structure of Saitoti as leaderof government business in the house?

This man has no sweeping and earthshaking ideas. He can’t thinkoutside the box. And that’s because he is under the illusion that he willclinch the presidency.

The Chatham House speech was such a disappointment. Hesquandered an opportunity to reclaim his tattered international credentials.His embarrassing speech fell short of international standards.

Someone remind William Ruto that Chatham House is not a church inEldoret North. Chatham House is a non-profit and non-governmental organisationbased in London whose mission is to ANALYZE and PROMOTE the understanding ofmajor INTERNATIONAL issues and CURRENT affairs.

It was very primitive of him to turn the occasion into a Railabashing, turning the entire lecture session with Raila this, Raila that.

Meanwhile Ruto said thus:

I haven’t responded to David Murathe in Kenya. I’m not about torespond to him in Europe, because he doesn’t warrant my response.

Well, well, well but sir,you have been responding.

Mr DP, to respond doesn’t necessarily mean to verbalise it.

We have all witnessed the panic mode in your camp; the pressconferences and threats from your allies.

We have heard of night meetings with your close associates.

We have seen your enhanced campaigns in the former westernprovince, Kisii and Coast region.

What is all that if not responding?

Tangatanga cornered and soon to be vanquished



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