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Mt Kenya Uhuru succession, 'Useful idiots' in 2022, Murathe speaking for Uhuru?: Your Breakfast Briefing

Good Morning 

About 3,000 foreigners have been deported from the country since May last year, in one of the boldest crackdowns aimed at streamlining the corruption-prone process of issuing work and staying permits

Good Morning

About 3,000 foreigners have been deported from the country since May last year, in one of the boldest crackdowns aimed at streamlining the corruption-prone process of issuing work and staying permits in the country.

Detectives from DCI's office and immigration officers involved in crackdown exercise since mid last year said so far the Government has deported the illegal immigrants after an investigation exposed the dirty tricks they used to gain entry into the country.

Here are the stories making headlines in the Weekend Star this Saturday morning.


Uhuru Mt Kenya succession battle hots up

In exactly three years and eight months, President Uhuru Kenyatta will walk out of State House having completed his constitutional two five-year terms.

Because of his impending exist politicians from his central Kenya region are quietly but intensely positioning themselves to succeed him in the populous region.

There is a growing concern among the Mt Kenya leadership over what they say is hestitation by Uhuru to identify his heir who can lead the community's negotiations as 2022 succession politics takes shape.


Kilifi mentally retarded girl wins golden glove award at Special Olympics

A mentally retarded girl from Kilifi County has won an international award in the Global special Olympics games held in Chicago USA late last year.

Mitchel Mapenzi 18 who completed Standard 8 after learning at the Konjora primary school in Kibarani ward Kilifi for mental health students special unit won the medal for her extra performance in saving goals for her team during the tournament held in July last year.

Her soccer team of integrated players (both mental ill and normal) from Kilifi County emerged fourth out of the eight teams which played but she was recognized as the best goal keeper in the tournament held between July 17 and 21.


Is Murathe speaking what Uhuru Kenyatta is saying?

David Wakairu Murathe is the man on the spot.

Perhaps it is the look of his face that tells you that here is a man born for trouble, or in the very least, controversy.

A big paunchy man, with a greying goatee, dark lips and perpetually blood-shot eyes (some say from his habitual usage of dependency-causing substances), you can almost see he has run the gamut.

He fears nothing. But there is something that is unconcealed about his manner, though no man can keep anything hidden for too long.

Many people believe, and I think correctly, that he is effectively the power behind the throne — the Mayor of the Palace in a manner of speaking.


Is 2022 about Useful Idiots or Inner Circle Confidants?

Useful Idiot is a term used in political discourse to describe a person who is a susceptible propagandist for a cause or purpose whose goals they are not entirely aware of, and are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

Useful Idiots unwittingly support a cause which they naively believe to be a force for good.

The narrative on who should or should not succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022 has gone up several decibels with his deputy William Ruto appearing as the frontrunner.

All these begs the question, are those endorsing or invalidating Ruto’s presidential ambitions Useful Idiots or Inner Circle confidants?


How Homa Bay is fighting high HIV rate among kids

Anne Adhiambo, 36, from Othoro village in Kasipul, Homa Bay County, a mother of two, knew about her HIV status after losing three of her children to various complications.

She had not been attending antenatal clinic during pregnancy and relied on a village midwife even during delivery.

During her fourth pregnancy, she was advised by a relative to visit a nearby health facility, explain her medical history and get a check-up due to her deteriorating health.


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