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Disheartening! How I found lifeless body of my daughter with a swollen tummy at Gatanga girls, I cry for justice.

Via Boniface Mwangi

My 15 year-old daughter, Ebbie Noelle Samuels, just recently joined Form 1 at Gatanga CCM school. On Saturday 9th March,

Via Boniface Mwangi

My 15 year-old daughter, Ebbie Noelle Samuels, justrecently joined Form 1 at Gatanga CCM school. On Saturday 9th March, at 7:47am,I was called by the principal of the school, Ms.Veronica Wanjiku Mwangi, withnews that my daughter was unwell and I should rush to Naidu Hospital in Thikaand that I shouldn’t go alone. I left for Thika, accompanied by my friend, buton the way I decided to call my cousin to check on the situation before I gotthere, since she lives in Thika.
On arriving at the school at about9:35am, I found my daughter's lifeless, ice cold, body with a swollen tummy.She also had foam in her nostrils. On inquiring to know what had happened, theprincipal told me that my daughter had gone to sleep the previous night, butfailed to wake up in the morning.

She went on to add that my daughter had run a crosscountry the previous day, finishing among the first 10, out of 900 girls. Lateron, she ate dinner, went for evening preps, then did her laundry before saying goodnightto all 1st Form students from 3 dorms and going to bed. When she failed to wakeup the following morning, her dorm mates alerted the matron, who came and foundher to be unresponsive.

The Principal of Gatanga CCM says that the matroncalled the Deputy Principal at 7:05am, who then issued instructions to have mydaughter's clothes changed and then taken to the hospital. The hospital noteindicates that they received a dead body, meaning she had been dead all along.I made plans to move her body to Nairobi and then proceeded back to the school.I met the Deputy Principal and asked her what had happened and she quicklyreplied, "It’s what the principal told you" and then she left. We metthe Principal and asked her if we could see where my daughter slept, but sherefused, saying we would cause anxiety to the students. We then asked her toallow us take her belongings, which she allowed us to do, after we insisted. Wecollected her stuff and left.

Among the things we collected was a bucket of wetclothes, which the Principal had said were clean clothes, yet they were mixedwith dirty ones. This, even after the Principal, Ms. Veronica, had earlier saidthat my daughter had washed her clothes and hung them on the lines.

3 different autopsies conducted by the governmentpathologist, the school’s pathologist and an independent one, hired by thefamily, have all proven that my daughter died from a head injury inflicted by ablunt object. She bled at the vertex of her brain on the left side and rightside. Why is the school giving scant information? What is the Principal, Ms.Veronica, hiding? How is it that our daughters can’t be safe even within aschool compound? Who hit my daughter on Friday night and left her for dead atthe school dorm? Please help me get justice for my daughter. #SemaUkweli#JusticeForEbbie


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