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Shock as Prof. MAGOHA loses his cool during vetting in Parliament-He almost beat the hell out of Jubilee MP DAVID SANKOK in front of MUTURI

Thursday March 14, 2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nominee for the position of Cabinet Secretary for Education, Prof. George Magoha, today appeared infuriated by

Thursday March 14,2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nominee forthe position of Cabinet Secretary for Education, Prof. George Magoha, today appearedinfuriated by a question raised by nominated MP, David Ole Sankok, during hisvetting.
Magoha appeared before the NationalAssembly where MPs posed various questions regarding his experience, managementstyle, among other issues that would affect his performance.

However, a question by Sankok threw offthe no-nonsense Professor as he stared at the tribal nuances of politicalappointments.

Sankok asked Magoha to explain how he intended to ensureregional and tribal balance given that he would be working with a CAS from hiscommunity and he would also be the third CS to be picked from Siaya County.

But the question did not augur wellwith the good Professor who said he had only taken the job because he becausehe believed he was the best qualified person to serve Kenyans as Education CS.

I would like tobelieve that the reason I was given this job is because I am best qualified toserve Kenyans. I do not think I was put here to represent Jaluos so don’t takeme there.

If you don’t want meto serve Kenyans, I will go do other things. So please don’t take me there. Iam the wrong person to represent political interests because am very apolitical,”

said Magoha.

It took the intervention from NationalAssembly Speaker Justin Muturi, who diluted the tense mood with a light remark,noting that the Professor had “woken up most members”.


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