You might not expect a debate over new regulations for the mohair trade to ignite strong passions.
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Media captionThe brawl began when the speaker suspended the session

A sitting of Lesotho's upper house of parliament this week degenerated into a fist-fight between massed ranks of rival MPs who also threw wooden panels, documents and anything else they could get their hands on across the chamber at each other.

The scuffle happened during a debate over a long-running dispute over new regulations around the wool and mohair trade - not the subject you might expect to ignite such strong passions.

First off, what is mohair?

Mohair is made from the hair of Angora goats. It is much softer than wool and has a noticeable sheen and lustre.

Because it is considered to be a luxury textile, garments made entirely from mohair are more expensive than those made from other types of yarn.

Some call it the "diamond fibre".