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Instagram 👍 2018: Rihanna spots Lagos dancers - and more African hits

In 2018, Instagram has become an increasingly important way for Africans to make and share news.
The Ikorodu Talented Kids and teacher SeyiImage copyrightThe Ikorodu Talented Kids
Image caption The Ikorodu Talented Kids found fame after appearing on Rihanna's Instagram account

Whether it is to promote new talent, share a discovery or make a statement Instagram is becoming increasingly important in Africa.

"It's growing really fast," Diaby Mohamed, founder of digital services start-up Authentic Africa Group told the BBC.

"Instagram is the hype journal for teenagers and a marketplace for designers and creatives. We have seen people building businesses from scratch with Instagram."

In 2018, the platform has become a place to make, and break, reputations and share important news. We take a look at some of Africa's most memorable Instagram moments:

1. Rihanna propels Lagos street dancers to global fame

In March, Rihanna shared an Instagram video of a group of young Nigerian girls dancing to the song "Nowo" by DJ Spinall and Wizkid.

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