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The ‘Miami Miracle’ is now a T-shirt for Dolphins fans to cherish forever

The epic walk-off touchdown against the New England Patriots was one for the ages. Here’s the shirt to memorialize the moment.

It’s a moment in time that Miami Dolphins fans

It’s a moment in time that Miami Dolphins fans will never forget.

Down by five points with seven seconds left against the New England Patriots, Ryan Tannehill threw the ball down the middle of the field to Kenny Stills, who lateraled the ball to DeVante Parker, who then tossed it to Kenyan Drake, and then... it happened. A miracle.

Drake broke away from a Patriots defender and slipped through the defense as he dived past Gronk to pull off an improbable 69-yard walk-off touchdown to win the game.

Thus, the Miami Miracle was born.



— Miami Dolphins (@MiamiDolphins) December 9, 2018

Now, not only are Dolphins fans celebrating the epic victory that puts them at 7-6 and keeps their playoff hopes alive, but they can also wear a new T-shirt to cherish the moment, too.

The Miami Miracle T-shirt for $25

According to ESPN’s win probability, the Pats had a 99.9 percent chance to win the game at that moment. And then, chaos erupted.

With the Dolphins too far away to attempt a Hail Mary, head coach Adam Gase called “Boise,” which takes its name from the famous hook-and-latter play Boise State ran against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

But for some reason, the Pats brought Rob Gronkowski onto the field to defend the long pass. When Drake broke away from the Patriots defense, Gronk was the lone man between Drake and the end zone, and history was made.

Drake’s 69-yard run was the longest walk-off touchdown since the 1970 merger.

Long live the “Miami Miracle.”

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