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Video : 'Dusit D2 Nairobi Siege',Suicide Bomber, US Media Rebuked, Steve Mbogo Guns, Willy Paul Near Death, President Uhuru Speech, Inayat Kassam & Everything on Nairobi's Deadly Riverside Terror Attack

Video : 'Dusit D2 Nairobi Siege',Suicide Bomber, US Media Rebuked, Steve Mbogo Guns, Willy Paul Near Death & Everything on Nairobi's Deadly Riverside Terror Attack | TheOrionKenya.Com

The Orion Kenya News, NAIROBI-WESTLANDS (DUSIT D2 RIVERSIDE ) The Afternoon of 15th January 2019 was met with an unfortunate terror attack of a Home - Office luxury storey building that houses Dusit D2 Nairobi. Al Shabaab later confirmed involvement via a phone call to BBC. An Instagram post from BBC Swahili revealed.

The Orion Kenya News identified that it is the same date three years ago, 15th January 2016 that Al Shabaab ambushed Kenya Defence Forces run-AMISOM base camp in the town area of El Adde killing several soldiers in what is believed to have been the worst military  massacres since 1963.

The attached is said to have started at I&M Bank after the Criminal gang came hurling bombs at the gun and spraying bullets with high end machine guns. The assailants then proceeded to Dusit D2 where a second explosion went off.


At around 6 PM East Africa GMT, The Country's Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet held a press briefing and confirmed that the criminal gang was still in the premises and that inter-agencies were working together to neutralize the situation. It was also confirmed that a Suicide bomber was involved in the January 15th Dusit D2 Nairobi attacked.


Furious Kenyan took to twitter to rebuke International Media Houses, Newyork Times which had posted grotesque graphical imagery of dead people around the residency, KOT well known as Kenyans on Twitter also scolded Express Daily for careless reportings and tweet that asked if Kenya was safe to travel. Both politicians, Journalists and Kenyans condemned such uncontrolled reporting saying that their stories were just clickbaits and had no moral standing and quality reporting.

The complains by KOT were not taken by Twitter, the American Social media which seemed to feel the plight of the victims as they suspended NewYork Times Photos twitter account.


The Luxury Residence frequented by High Profile Individual was surrounded by armed forces trying to rescue several civilians trapped in the premises. A Kenyan Politician and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale took to twitter saying that his daughter was among those trapped in the building. Musalia Mudavadi a former Presidential aspirant under Amani Party also disclosed that his children were still in the building.

Kenyans and well wishers all over the world took to social media to pray for kenya and the victims of the attack at 14 Riverside Drive.


Steve Mbogo an aspiring politician and a small time businessman in Nairobi appeared to have joined the specialized forces team brandishing lethal and heavy fight equipments where he told our sources that he had happened to be passing by the neighbourhood. Kenyans asked several questioned with regard to an ordinary citizen with no military training was doing in front of the firing line. We have not received an official police comment regarding the uncalled for Steve Mbogo stunts.



One of Kenya's Gospel singer and performing artiste, Willy Paul Msafi best known as Willy Pozze also took to Twitter and Instagram with a pray, saying that God had given a second chance. In his post, he disclosed that he was just from aa meeting and a few minutes after he left he had gunshots and a powerful explosion. He clarified that this was a sign that God loved him and that 2019 he would make God more proud and would praise him abundantly.


The President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta flanked by his deputy Hon William Samoei Ruto commended Kenyans for their courage and patriotism witnessed on the unfortunate day.

"I commend the civilians who took the time to look after one another. For every act of evil that led to injury yesterday, there were dozens of acts of compassion, overflowing patriotism and individual courage, President Uhuru Spoke.

The President also emphasized that the country was safe and was still the leader in investments in central and east africa when it came to Tourism and investments and that all investors are welcome.

"We will seek out every person who was involved in the planning, funding and execution of this heinous act. We will pursue them relentlessly. I assure all our investors, visitors in the country that they are safe. Over the past few years, we have invested in strong security system. In the coming weeks, we shall continue strengthening the systems. " Uhuru said.

The president also disclosed that 14 people were confirmed dead, a few were injured and all the terrorist were gunned down and completely eliminated in the morning hours of Wednesday 16th January.


Inayat Kassam was commended by thousands of Kenyans and celebrities for his Heroic act and putting his life on the line to save Kenyans, according to our sources, the Kenyan Hero was among the first to appear on the scene. The Orion sources disclosed that he is a combatives, Survival and shooting instructor , also trains people in Hostile Environment Awareness, Response to active shooter scenario, et al. Several people has also pulled archaic photos of Inayat Kassam during the 2013 Westgate siege, trying to save victims without a Bullet proof vest in both terror attacks.





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