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Tanzanian Women Are Jealous, Kenyan Women Throw Shades After Bongo Star Diamond Platinumz Proposes Marriage To Kenya's Tanansha Donna Oketch

Orion News | Tanzanian Women Are Jealous, Kenyan Women Rants After Bongo Star Diamond Platinumz Proposes Marriage To Kenya's Tanansha Donna Oketch 

ORION NEWSGLOBAL - (Tanzania) Tanasha Donna shared a story on Instagram displaying a Tanzania Flag. Hours later Tanansha Donna was spotted carrying a "bottie" of belaire riding Quad Bikes with East Africa's Richest Musician cum businessman Diamond Platinumz.


Diamond Platinumz who commonly refer himself as the Rolls Royce mucisian, runs a couple of business across East Africa, from a TV Station, Record Label, Event Management Company, Food Manufacturing, Performing Artiste and a lot of other things. However, The Superstar seems to have some spare time for a Kenyan Diva and Radio Show Host, Tanansha Donna despite his busy schedule. I guess he is in love... huh?


Diamond was heard on a live Radio interview saying he plans to have a 3 day Wedding,which will be the biggest wedding i Africa. This has driven Tanzania Women beserk, they have been fist fighting, exchanging bitter words with their Kenyan counterparts, because seemingly Tanzanian Men are now choosing Kenyan Women over Tanzanian Women.

What does this suggest? I guess Kenyan Women have proved their "bedworthiness" and they are good in Sex than Tanzania girls despite the popular myth that Tanzanian got the game...Just saying!!

This is the most hyped relationship in East Africa after Diamond Platinumz broke up with Zari, the Old Woman whom he said had hit Menopause and could not bear him any more children. 

So many fans across the two nations are waiting to see how far Mond and Tanasha go...Is she ready to bear him Kids? We tried to contact her for comment on if she was pregnant but it was in vain.

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