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The American Dream : From Kenya's Filthiest Refugee Camp To The Red Carpets of US Congress, Ilhan Omar Pulls A First At The US Congress Ban

From Kenya's Filthiest Refugee Camp To The Red Carpets of US Congress, Ilhan Omar Overcomes 181-Year HeadScarf At The US Congress Ban

ORION NEWSGLOBAL (TOK- TheOrionKenya.Com) - (Washington DC)Ilhan Omar has re ignited the hope of Muslim and Women all over the World. Her Dad, Nur Mohamed captioned via Ilhan Omar's Instagram Page how 23 years as an immigrant moved countries to countries seeking refuge.

Coming from the War-torn Somalia in 1996 Nur Mohamed moved his family to Kenya's Refugee Camp, she was a hundred times better than Somalia. They later moved to the US in search of the AMERICAN DREAM.

 "Twenty three years ago, my family and I arrived at an airport in Washington DC. We were newly arrived refugees in this country, from a refugee camp in Kenya. I had heard about the promise of America, prosperity for all and hope for a better tomorrow. 

I could never have dreamed that twenty three years later I would return to the same airport with my daughter Ilhan by my side, the day before she is to be sworn in as the first Somali-American elected to the United States Congress.

You, of course, can imagine how emotional this is and why I am incredibly proud of her.

It’s an honor to have her represent me and our family is so humbled that Ilhan has the opportunity to serve in our democracy. I wish Ilhan's grandfather could be here to witness this historic moment. He will be here in spirit as Ilhan will place her hand on his Quran for the ceremonial swearing in.

Tomorrow, members of Ilhan's team will be covering the events of the day. We all hope you will follow along and share in our excitement for what the New Year will bring." Nur Mohamed wrote.

Ilhan Omar became the first Somali-American woman to ever be elected as the US Congress when she took oath of office this week.

She was elected as the Democratic representative of Minnesota state in the United States. She has not only broken record, but by being elected she became the first woman to overcome the 181-year headwear ban on the floors of US Congress. 

“No one puts a scarf on my head but me,” she tweeted last November. “It’s my choice – one protected by the first amendment. And this is not the last ban I’m going to work to lift.”


According to the Guardian, Ilhan Omar a democrat and a representative of the people of Minessota,"was amongst the freshman in the 116th Congress sworn in amid cheers and jubilation. The House now has a record 102 women and a new generation of Muslims, Latinos, Native Americans and African Americans, more closely resembling the US population and set to take on Donald Trump in a new era of divided government."

Omar was quick to get to work stating she was bringing in some new kind of politics to the United States, she thanked those who had chosen her, she also got to lay down what she aims to tackle and her major plans for her people.

"Today I was sworn into the 116th Congress alongside the most progressive and diverse group of leaders the House has ever seen. From a refugee camp to the halls of Congress, I could have never dreamed this would be possible. Now the real work begins.

I pledge to you that I will work tirelessly to fight hatred and to reclaim our democracy for all who call America home, but I can’t do it alone. Your support has brought me this far, and I need you now, more than ever.

The months ahead will be difficult. There will be attacks against me because of how I look, my religious beliefs, and because I use my voice to call out injustice. 

There will be those who say a woman should know her place, those who say I’m too outspoken. But we know that times like these call for courage, moral clarity, and bold action. Today, we begin that work, together.

From the beginning, our campaign has been about a new kind of politics. One where democracy doesn’t end at the ballot box. One where people powered movements work hand in hand with elected officials to win real improvements for our communities.

With your help we can make common sense ideas that were once considered radical a reality for working families across the country. Together we will fight for a Green New Deal, to Abolish ICE and the inhumane treatment of families at the border, universal healthcare, free college tuition and student debt forgiveness. We will end Trump’s shutdown and open investigations into his crimes, and if necessary begin impeachment proceedings.

The bold agenda you sent me to Congress accomplish can’t succeed without a robust movement in the streets. That’s why I’m asking you to stay engaged, stay in touch, and join me every step of the way in this fight." she stated



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