We transcribed Jay Z’s Full Nipsey Freestyle From My Videos. You’re Welcome. #Bsides2 #TheMarathonContinues . . . Gentrify your own hood before these people do it / Claim eminent domain and have your people move in / That's a small glimpse on what Nipsey was doin / to anybody still confused as to what he was doing / The neighborhood is designed to keep us trapped, they redline us & property declines if you live by blacks / they depress the asset and take the property back / It’s a ruth-less but a genius plan in fact / so now we fightin over scraps / crabs in a barrel but- crabs don’t belong in the barrel- they ain’t never tell us that / so in the barrel we all act like we act / we can easily get out the barrel if we stand on each other’s back / whoever gets to the top- as long as they stay attached - they can pull everybody out / I was doing just that / I told Neighborhood Nipsey stay close / you got a hundred million dollars on ya schedule- lay low! Tell ya team to be on point in the places that they go / I’d never think he’d get kilt in a place he called home / how you gone get power you killed the source!? y’all like to run off on the plug - so of course! That’s a means to an end / me and my team was payin the plug and had a plan / 10,000 and makin a 1,000 on a joint / that ain’t no money but - that ain’t the point / so it’s 92 bricks- it’s only 92-thou’ / so- y’all can close ya mouth it ain’t nothin’ to wooooow / our hustle was slow but steady / we was chasing our goals not money / niggas chasing hoes we find that funny / I pull up in a Rolls that ho gone want me / but I don’t want no ho I want a wife / so I can bounce some ideas off at night / when I go to sleep I hope Nip visit me / that young king had a lot of jewels to spit with me / we ain’t gotta leave the hood physically / but we gotta leave the hood mentally! . . The song used for the verse is “Some how some Way” off the Blueprint 2 WATCH NOW