On Wednesday Zari spilt the beans, addressing Diamond Platinumz neglect. She blasted the tetema singer badly, claiming he had gone on his Wasafi Radio and lied about the ZariMond lituation". The four minutes Video by Zari disclosed that Diamond stopped caring about his child, he has never given them moral support, emotional support or child support, he never bought them a house to live in, and she almost wept when she clarified how Diamond Platinumz slept with another woman in a bed she bought, their marital bedroom in a house they furnished. She continued and went heavy disclosing that Diamond was disrespectful when she was pregnant, and he accused her of sleeping with Peter of PSquare. Watch and see the entire Drama, we believe the story will be trending and we can't wait for more Juice. Follow our facebook Page to watch such video/ Youtube Page to watch over 300 Video full of Drama.