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Nairobi - Kenya (THE ORION KENYA) Kenya is the commercial hub of East Africa if not Africa despite the unfortunate occurrence that have seen Kenyan Economy nose dive rather than sky–rocket year after year. The diminishing curve has seen Kenya trail behind other third world developing nations that are now way developed yet Kenyan Economy was way bigger than them in 1980s due to poor stewardship and wanting governance.

Neighbouring Country Tanzania is also on the verge of winning the economic battle against Kenya after enacting the no- nonsense leader Hon. John Magufuli, a man who does not condone any type of corruption, he streamlined their number one income earner, gold mining and Tanzania is hugely reaping the fruits. The no nonsense leader is involved in large to small national matters, at the beginning of 2019 Magufuli imposed laws with regard to music industry that caused a lot of uproar from TZ musical heavy weights like Diamond Platinumz. He has not stopped there, Air Tanzania also debuted airbus flights marking a major milestone for the airline industry. Brilliant leadership will steer Tanzania to take the top spot as an economic giant in Africa.

China has undeniably helped Kenya make major strides as a nation with our current development track record unbeatable and have never ever seen before in any African country. This however, was coupled with a downside where Kenyan economy has been unable but is able to pay the Chinese grants. The nation would not have had a situation where China’s EXIM bank is seeking to trade Mombasa port for the loan repayments if the corruption that has seen Kenya lose billions in 2018 alone was kept under watch.

With that said, Kenya needs more scrutiny, more oversight of projects and government institutions, Kenya needs more than an auditor general whistle blower- Matiang’i and Kibwana might be just what a nation in need to recover economically needs.

Hon Matiang’i as Kenyans know him is a cabinet secretary like none other, a no nonsense politician who have not stomached failure in his any of the departments he has led,  failure to him is not an option due to influence of a few corrupt individuals or cartels. When he took over Education Ministry, education in Kenya was changed forever, and even today the education sector resonates with his actions. He was transferred to Interior department, Fred Matiang’I revamped a sector so rampant with corruption and other forms of bribery which have since declined.

We are not going to blow a trumpet for Fred Matiang’i as not all of his work has measured up to success, recently he launched a crackdown on the transport sector where he re-enacted the Michuki rules. The sector experienced an overhaul where several matatu’s were nabbed due to fault seat belts, but three months down the line his agencies have failed him as they have allowed the same faulty matatus on the road. Kenyans took to twitter to address the issue which has not been addressed since, with the need to adhere to Michuki rules several Kenyans willing to buckle up are disappointed by the faulty seat belts and end up being nabbed by traffic police for failure to adhere to the Michuki rules. One con might be very insignificant and can not weight down the many pros that has made the interior boss a great and admirable leader.

On Tuesday, the President of the Republic of Kenya announced that Fred Matiang’i is now the chief Cabinet secretary in charge of other Cabinet Secretaries. The move has been welcomed by Kenyans due to his unrivaled track record. This is the smartest move the Kenyatta government has made in 2019 and ever since his regime took power. Kenyans on Twitter have been thrilled by this decision. This is a blow to corruption in Kenya as the man with ears and eyes everywhere will oversee every single Ministry from the appointment to tenders delivery, reducing every little chance of individuals to engage in corruption.

In an article that appeared in local dailies, the Interior chief was applauded for not bowing to pressure from local tycoons who wanted Police uniforms ordered from overseas,saying that Local firms could not provide enough material. Some of the people involved were very powerful whom the cabinet Secretary said does not fear and will never be intimidated by a few corrupt individuals. The move was welcomed by the President saying it would revamp the struggling local textile industry.

The major appointment comes amid calls by Kenyans and politicians alike for Matiang’i to declare his presidential ambitions.

Kenyans have also embraced the thoughts of a Governor Kivutha Kibwana presidency. Kibwana has been the silent performer, a man who has belittled other county government’s development track records by overachieving and his performance has seen Makueni county which was once marginalized and an rid area spring to be a self sufficient county in the country, milk production, flour, water bottling for Makueni dwellers, Fruit Juice, a state of the art Health facility among several other developments which the Makueni Governor has been fully achieved without breaking the budget.

Aficionados, Politicians and at least 47 Governors once led their convoy of motorcade all the way to Makueni County to witness one of the most brilliant minds in the government to date.

Kenya's leading activist Boniface Mwangi has also initiated a hashtag for Kivutha Kibwana Presidency #PresidentKibwana on twitter a sign that he has won hearts of many.

A Country that was once ahead of other nations which are now in the developed nation’s league deserves leadership that will steer the economy to the good old golden days. Kenya’s Wall Street, Nairobi Stocks Exchange is on the verge of collapse, it has been dormant for several years with several listed companies stocks have barely been traded, several companies have been placed under receivership. In 2017 alone, Kenya lost a giant supermarket chain, Nakumatt that was well worth ocver 5 billion and was in calibers of Carrefour, also the government run retail chain Uchumi collapsed and was acquired by foreign run Choppies brands, the banking sector was also hit hard when Chase bank, Imperial bank and Barclay bank closed shop, Sugar industry, textile Industry, Mining, Tourism and so many other sectors have been struggling. A change of leadership will most probably save Kenya and reclaim all the lost glory.

We can only envision how great the nation would be with Fred Matiang’i as the President of this great nation and Kivutha Kibwana as his running mate. No other leaders have shown capability of leading a nation like the two.

Would you vote for such a union and do you think Kenya will be great again under the regime of Matiang’i and Kibwana? If you believe Kenya need a change share this article and let’s see what many Kenyans think.

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