On Tuesday Musical fans were treated with a terrific tuesday when Avril revealed how she has been able to maintain her curvaceous self at minimal cost. Several celebrities have struggled to check their weights even some spending years in gym and thousands of shillings with no results. Celebrities like Kalekye Mumo tried Gym and after several days gave up after yielding no results, Carol Mutoko, Sheila Mwanyigha, and the list goes on have always struggled with weight. But just like Julie Gichuru, Avril have conquered and is letting everyone no that the answer to a healthy living is cutting down on fries, kuku soma, nyama choma, steak, burgers, and several other delicacies that ya'll can't live without. Sounds impossible right!!! Yes it is nearly impossible for man to live without meat or snacks, but you will thank the Orion & Avril later that they saved your life. Avril indirectly hinted the healthy diet that she does nearly everyday of the week, and how simple the meal is will actually shock you. This simple two words secret which the Orion picked from the Chokoza singer is not only life saving but also a cost-saving during this economic nose-dive. This is just another reason to love Avril famed for her song ''Mama", she really deserves the title Mama Africa, for devising a dietary plan that will motivate, empower and change people's lives. A case example, Anerlisa Muigai of Executive water, the daughter of magnate businesswoman of Keroche Industries spent millions of shilling even in plastic surgery just to keep fit, cut down weight. Millions more are lost every month to maintain the plastic surgery every year. But this is what others won't tell you, the real secret, the only remedy for body goals,but it is something that will require discipline.Your nutritionist, or diet advisor will not tell you this, they will mislead you with a lot of jargon written in diet books and will advice purchase of several types or combination of food some of which are out of reach budget wise, leaving most of the people even more confused. But thanks to Avril, her diet plan works, head over to her Instagram page and see miracles. Now incase, you are wondering what the biggest secret to life body goals is, this two letter words will help you along way in under 30 days, one month and you will have seen changes. REALISTIC GOALS, Ugali, Skuma mixed with Spinach.Don't say thank you yet before you try it. But several people will take this for granted, well if fries and nyama choma and gym is goals. You deserve it. Avril revealed that a little Ugali which comprises of flour only cooked in boiled water, combined with Kale"sukuma wiki" mixed with Spinach is the major life saver.