Unethical music has caught the attention of internet users in the recent past, and people are now blaming the rise of street uncontrolled music to the new generation of youngsters and teens. Like that is not enough posters have been circulating on facebook, calling for attendants and people to RSVP for sex parties in nairobi. At first you would think we are taking you for a ride, but it is true, it is real, it is disturbing and this is an out right confirmation that the new generation of young adults have gone a stray. With individuals parting with 1200 per person, they are offered free booze and free protection. The post which appeared on Cars under 200K at 12.00 am Wednesday read "NAIROBI PANDANA Sex Party A Two Day Sex Party On May 31st Friday 2019 till Saturday 1st June Entry : 1200/- | Limited To 40 Slots Only once you pay you get added to WhatsApp group of the participate of the sex party For Bookings and how to pay dm @Lordruler on Telegram WhatsApp 0741843094 Ticket are booked in advance Join the group bellow for infor Channel : https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE7vSv5dWn6VB3oMsA" While this is forbidden and not allowed in our society or African setting, we are not sure if the law or those in authority are aware of this grotesque event or not. We are hoping this reaches the right people to save Kenyans from the spread of incurable diseases like HIV & AIDS.