In barely a week after Gospel celebrity Kambua Mziki announced her pregnancy, secular and Hip hop artiste Papa Jones has also revealed in a series of Instagram photos that his rarely seen girlfriend who was out of the country is expecting a child. Papa Jones is set to become a real papa, however he did not reveal the gender of the baby in the most hyped photoshoot. Orion insisted on knowing the gender but Khaligraph said it was a surprise for his fans. This comes as a shock as most people have never seen his girlfriend, unlike other celebrities who has paraded their girlfriends in public Khaligrah Jones has kept his relationship a secret. However, Orion learnt that Khaligraph's girlfriend was out of the country for most of the time therefore very few knew the bts. Now, that his girlfriend is back in Kenya, expect to see Mr.Superman hanging out more with his Girlfriend. Khaligraph has been riding high on the airwaves in Kenya and the entire continent where some few months back he led an entire entourage to Nigeria after he was nominated among other huge Nigerian Musicians. Khaligraph Jones has also received accolades from several Kenyan maestro music legend like Nameless, with whom they did a remix of the song MEGARIDER. Other noble tunes include Chukua selfie, which featured Nyashinski and Juacali, as well as Micasa Sucasa with Cashy. Superman is his latest release and people are expecting a bigger tune with the news of his girlfriends pregnancy. There is Rumours going around that Khaligraph could feature Wizkid or Davido in his upcoming project but lets wait and see.