Beth Francis takes a dip in the cold sea for the 100th time today as she seeks a Migraine cure.
Beth and AndrewImage copyright@vitaminseafilm
Image caption Beth Francis and Andrew Clark have filmed their swims for a documentary about trying to cure Beth's migraines

A migraine sufferer who started taking a regular dip in the cold sea to see if it would help ease symptoms is due to complete her 100 day challenge.

Beth Francis from Anglesey has seen her migraines reduce from 25 to 15 a month since her personal crusade started.

She is not sure if exercise, being outdoors or swimming has helped.

But she has vowed to continue and has invited others to join her and partner Andrew Clark for their 100th swim at Llanddona Beach on Sunday at 13:00 BST.

A spokeswoman for Migraine Action, an advisory and support charity for people affected by the condition, said there was anecdotal evidence that exercise as well as cold showers can help some sufferers, although exercise could also be a trigger for others.