Eileen McAdie died after being given blood-pressure medication instead of pain relief drugs.
Eileen McAdieImage copyrightFamily handout
Image caption Eileen McAdie was prescribed an increased dose of a painkiller but was given a drug for blood pressure

Neglect was a contributing factor in the death of a woman suffering from shingles who was given the wrong drug by a pharmacy, a coroner has ruled.

Eileen McAdie was given blood pressure drug Amlodipine instead of pain relief medication Amitriptyline at The Village Pharmacy in New Ash Green, Kent.

The 65-year-old died 11 days later in hospital in September 2016, after falling into a coma.

Family lawyer Nick Fairweather said civil proceeding would be launched.

The inquest in Maidstone had heard Mrs McAdie's GP Dr Julie Taylor had prescribed an increased daily dose of Amitriptyline to treat the severe pain caused by the shingles on her face and neck, on 19 September.