Shambolic nominations have been blamed for Ugenya, Embakasi South loses.
Raila: We are washing ODM for 2022


Raila: We are washing ODM for 2022

By Manuel Odeny, @ManuelOdeny

In Summary

• ODM party leader Raila Odinga has said he will strengthen the party to have more elected leaders in the forthcoming polls.

• Odinga said already plans for a grassroots election for party officials and leaders will kick off next year.

ODM leader Raila Odinga during a tour of Migori County on May 10, 2019.
ODM leader Raila Odinga during a tour of Migori County on May 10, 2019.

ODM chief Raila Odinga has said he will strengthen the party to have more MPs, Senators and Governors in the forthcoming polls.

Already plans for a grassroots elections for party officials will kick off next year, in a move that will help recruit more supporters and candidates.


The countrywide party polls will seek to “clean ODM for us to be strong.”

“We are washing the ODM party to be strong, through the party elections we will weed out dead stock and build loyalty,” Odinga said.

With new officials, the orange party will ensure better nominations to end the headache of squabbles over party tickets.

He said through a clean nomination process, the party will seek to have more legislators in parliaments, MCAs and other elected leaders.

“We need to have more legislators and elected leaders and the best way is through a free and fair nomination process and a strong party,” Odinga said.


Odinga was speaking on Friday in North Kadem ward in Nyatike constituency during the homecoming party of area legislator Tom Odege.

His remarks come as the party faced sharp criticism after losing the Ugenya and Embakasi South constituencies by-elections.


Shambolic nominations in last polls have been blamed for the two loses.

In total, ODM has a total of 76 MPs - elected and nominated – in the National Assembly and 20 Senators.

On the other hand, Jubilee has 140 MPs of the 290 constituencies.

The move to strengthen the orange party is seen as the last nail to the NASA coalition which brought together Wiper, ANC, Ford-Kenya and Chama cha Mashinani (CCM).

“Those thinking that Raila is dead politically should thing twice, we have set out internal audit of the party which will bring us out as sstronger,” Suba South MP John Mbadi, and ODM natonal chairman said.

Mbadi said compared to other candidates who vied for presidency in the past and failed like Kenneth Matiba, Paul Muite, Peter Kenneth and others, Raila is still strong politically.

“Those who through Raila is finished politically after recent outcomes should think twice,” Mbadi said.

He said ODM party still has secretariats across the country and structures which will be rejuvenated in the grassroots polls and “if there is anywhere there are problems we will take care of them.”

Edwin Sifuna, the party secretary-general said recently the party faced criticism and the grass root elections will give members a chance at looking at their house.

“We know of complains and we have already included a special sitting as a party, primaries and nominations list process will be checked, we won’t hide anything, we will talk openly as members,” he said.

Sifuna said the elections will seek to put into task elected party leaders and officials and those who have failed the party, “even if I am not working,” then they will be removed.

Sifuna called on the government to release party funds to help aid in the grass root elections nect years.


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