Deputy principal is among the transferred teachers
10 Bungoma teachers moved for 'inciting' students


10 Bungoma teachers moved for 'inciting' students

Students burnt dorm in protest against principal's leadership, cite dilapidated structure, lack of water, enough toilets, latrines, filth,

In Summary

• Principal goes on compassionate leave, says his life is in danger. 

• Students cite lack of enough water or toilets, say conditions filthy, students share beds, not enough learning materials.

Students Of Bungoma high school during the JOHN NALIANYA
Bungoma high school Students Of Bungoma high school during the JOHN NALIANYA

Ten teachers linked to the incitement of students at Bungoma High School have been transferred.

A probe by education and security officials implicated the teachers in the unrest on March 23 when a dormitory was burnt.

The students demanded the transfer of principal  Samuel Kaunda, whom they accused of high-handiness and failing to address their grievances. The school was shut a week ago.

Kaunda is on compassionate leave pending the arrival of a new headteacher. He was given leave after claiming his life was in danger. The Star yesterday established that the deputy principal is among the transferred teachers. The school had 54 teachers.  

Wycliffe Wambuchi from Lwandanyi Secondary has been posted to Bungoma High as a deputy principal. He will also be acting principal.

Teachers Service Commission county director Adan Ibrahim yesterday told the Star in his office that the transfers were "normal".

He said the preliminary probe report showed some teachers supported the students' strike while others had overstayed at the school.

“Some teachers had stayed in the school for more than 30 years and their performance has become wanting," Ibrahim said.

He said the decision to move the teachers was made so that Bungoma High, which was once an academic giant in the region, gets back on its feet.

“Every decision we made is aimed at reviving this school and nothing else,” he said

Ibrahim said the teachers transferred to neighbouring schools should not see it as punishment.

He said the principal had been moved because of security concerns after he reported that he feared for his life.

Students complained of lack of water in the school. They said bathing, washing their uniforms, cleaning their dorms and classes is very difficult.

“The hygiene standards in the school are poor. The pressure of water in the taps is too low,” a student said.

Another student said the toilets are dirty and unfit for use. He said their pleas for more toilets have been ignored.

Students also said they share beds and the dorms are congested. The infrastructure is dilapidated, they said.

Students also said they lack enough learning materials, especially in the library and the laboratory.      


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