Man beats stage 3 cancer after wife fled with treatment funds  The Star, Kenya

His troubles began with appetite loss, stomach pain, weakness and weight loss.

For many years, Turkana has been plagued by insecurity, poverty, illiteracy, underdevelopment and devastating drought, resulting in hunger and starvation.

Lokaale, raised in poverty with his five brothers and three sisters, showed interest in joining school, where he could get a meal a day. Humanitarian agencies donate food in schools as a way of attracting pupils to join school for learning.

Lokaale did well in school and managed to complete his studies in counselling. He secured a job in the county government's Health department, where he works as a counsellor.

“My salary, however, could not help to clear the bill for treatment at Mediheal, which cost Sh280, 000, because all of our family members depend on what I earn for survival," Lokaale said.

"Through the help of friends and local leaders by creating WhatsApp groups and sharing on social media for my aid, we raised Sh80,000 and the Health department cleared the remaining balance of Sh200,000.”

In November 2017, Lokaale noted some changes in his health condition, which had improved after the chemotherapy. He lost his appetite, developed unbearable stomach pain, became weak and rapidly lost weight.

“I realised it’s not well with me, I'm feeling the same symptoms I experienced before being diagnosed with stage III colon cancer,” he said.

"I didn’t imagine I could be well again. All my worries were on my dear wife, two children and people who depend on me, but I knew God had a purpose."

Lokaale's wife advised that they visit Chandaria Cancer Centre, MTRH, for another check-up. Along with close friends, they were forced to look for ways to fundraise again for him to seek treatment in Eldoret. They created WhatsApp groups that campaigned for the fundraiser.