Nikiangalia kwa mtaa,wanaume huniita ndume,wanawake hupiga corner wakiniona,lakini bibi yangu alinikosea juzi.Mimi humtosheleza ,sijui nini ilimpeleka huko.It was the first game of

Nikiangalia kwa mtaa,wanaume huniita ndume,wanawake hupigacorner wakiniona,lakini bibi yangu alinikosea juzi.Mimi humtosheleza ,sijuinini ilimpeleka huko.It was the first game of African Cup of Nation,I had goneto the local pub to watch.

Mimi sikutarajiachochote sababu niliwacha bibi akilala.We were several of us in the pubwatching Egypt game, it was a good one.But after about 20 minuted,lights wentoff. We decided to wait for some few minutes,maybe zitarudi.But after about 30minutes, we didn’t see any signs of the light coming again.

After I finished my tusker, I decided to go back to my house so as to watchsecond half. But as I was approaching, I saw lights were still on, I wonderedwhy yet my wife was asleep when I went to watch the game. I had closed the doorfrom outside but this time, it was closed from inside—I sensed there wassomething. I thought maybe there was somebody who is attacking my family, Itiptoed to the window of my bedroom to see what was happening, that’s when Iheard from inside, “a Vile Umekonda Hivi,Hii Yote Ulitoa Wapi,Uui utaniua Kevoniwache,unaniumiza”.I watched in disbelieve a man in my bed. I temporarily lostmy vision and memory when I saw my wife enjoying with a stranger.

Out of jealousand anger, I went straight to the door, hit it hard and eventually managed toenter the house. But as I was entering, somebody pushed me hard anddisappeared. I rushed to the bedroom to fight my wife, but God saved her, shemanaged to escape as I was opening the door.

I have neverseen my life cheating on me and I didn’t suspect she could do what she did thatnight. I was left in tears as I pondered on the next move. That night was long,I didn’t get any sleep as I imagined another man sleeping with my wife anddrawing all the sweetness.

I tried to callmy wife but her phone was off.Kusema ukweli nimekaa na yeye 4 years nahatujapata watoto,sijui kwa nini.I have tried everything, even visiting thedoctor to get drugs so as my wife can get pregnant but she has never beenpregnant.

The followingmorning my wife wrote this message,”hakikisha nimepata mimba kama hutaki kuonakama ya jana”.Hiyo message iliniuma sana.I was forced to look for ways to savemyself.

My friend Jameshad been having the issue and recently his wife became pregnant.I thought Oshould get advise from him.After visiting him,he told me he was helped by DrMugwenu,he gave him drugs which brought back fertility.

He gave methese numbers to call;

Phone number: +254740637248

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What I wantedis to stop my wife from cheating and to help me impregnate my wife.

Last week Ivisited Dr Mugwenu who gave me drugs to take and also cleansed me.He also gaveme drug to put on my wife’s food so as not to be interested in other men.

It wasyesterday my wife told me she has missed her periods for the first time,I don’tknow whether I am the one responsible or not, but I give her the benefit ofdoubt. I will wait until she delivers so as to determine whether I am the causeof the pregnancy. One thing I have noticed is that since we reconciled, she hasnot called or called anyone the way she used to do.

But since myfriend was helped by Mugwenu I trust the Dr.If you also have the sameissue,call Mugwenu on +254740637248 he might be your savior.Kama kuna mtuananyemelea bwanako atakwama ndani.

CALL -+254740637248




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