Mama Blessings was unable to control her tears as she narrated how her husband Moses Ndile was so cruel that he secretly

Mama Blessings was unable to control her tears as shenarrated how her husband Moses Ndile was so cruel that he secretly marriedanother woman. The man then vanished from their house in Nairobi when the twowere expecting their second child and she was just a house wife. According toMama Blessings, Ndile had been cheating on her with different women over thecause of their relationship. She once confronted her hubby when she found outhe had was drolling over other women. One day the husband informed his wife hewas traveling upcountry to visit his ailing grandma.

Few hours into the saidtrip, Ndile was unreachable. His family back at home said they were not awareof his visit. Mama Blessings made frantic efforts to try reach Ndile but theman was out of radar. Unknown to her, Ndile was just within the city fondlingwith his slay queen. "After three days, a friend told me she saw my hubbysomewhere and it was as if he was staying with a woman. The information brokemy heart, we organised and she secretly took me there. To my shock I saw Ndileonly dressed in a towel and brushing his teeth outside the womans house.

Hethen proceeded to the bathroom. I ran crazy. I could feel blood boiling insidemy veins . I just confronted him. The drama attracted neighbours and that'swhen he said he doesn't know me. I was mad, I felt like killing someone but myfriend restrained me and helped me leave the place," the woman narrated.Mama Blessings was advised to visit counselor and herbalists mugwenu Doctorsthey were able to bring back my hubby. However, this was after she triedcalling his relatives including the mother-in-law but nobody was willing tohelp. Mama blessings after the returned to thank medicine man mugwenu forsaving her marriage.

They told her to relocate to the village since she couldnot afford solo life in Nairobi. She contacted Mugwenu doctors she organised tomeet them. The woman said the medicine men gave her medicine that she was toburn in her house while calling hubby's name and another concoction to bathwith. To her surprise, 3 days after she executed the instructions, her hubbycalled and pleaded for pardon. He has since returned and the two are happytogether again. The medicine men gave her medicine to bind their marriage andthings are working between the two lovebirds. Herbalists mugwenu Doctors havepowerful medicine famed to trap cheating partners and paralyse thieves.

Daktarigave her medicine to bind their marriage. The medicine men have alsoestablished themself as unmatched star in re-uniting divorced or separatedlovers, they have medicine that can influence promotion at work, spinning courtcases and cushion homes from spiritual and physical attacks. In mattersreproductive health, the herbalist is able to help barren women get children,treat STIs, control severe pain during menstruation period among other issues.He has medicine to manage cancer, cure high blood pressure, asthma and severeheadaches.

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