You may call it penis captivus, a medical condition in which a woman’s vagina becomes engorged, trapping the penis during sexual intercourse.

You may call it penis captivus, a medical condition in whicha woman’s vagina becomes engorged, trapping the penis during sexualintercourse. A situation, which health experts say, is easily resolved once thewoman’s muscles relax, releasing the penis.

But that is not the situation for people in most African societies, whobelieve that black magic (supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfishpurposes) is the cause. In such cases, no one is able to separate the coupleunless the partner behind the magic intervenes or a medicine man is notified.

This is very prevalent in cultures within African countries like Kenya,South Africa, and Uganda. Over the years, several couples have been found stuckduring the act, drawing crowds of curious onlookers who gather in anticipationof seeing the couple. Usually, the police would later intervene to restoreorder.

This year, Ugandans were shocked after such an incident happened at ahotel in the eastern part of the country.

A hotel staff found the couple struggling to separate after sex. It isreported that the man’s wife had asked mugwenu doctors to place a spell on herhusband’s manhood.

In South Africa, this spell is known as muthi but is often placed on thewoman. It is made to ensure that if someone other than the husband tries tohave sex with her, he will remain stuck until the husband returns.

In Kenya, there are two types of this black magic for married couples:

“There is one that makes the man’s member go lame every time he is with awoman who isn’t his wife. The woman can apply the potion on the man’s member,others put it in food or rub it in the man’s boxers,”

“The second type is the one which a woman or man applies on the boxers orpanties of the spouse and when either engages in extramarital sex, they getstuck. The antidote has to come from a real medicine man because there are alot of fake specialists.”

There are still talks as to whether couples getting stuck is a myth orreality. But for a majority of Africans, this black magic is real and has cometo stay, exposing cheating spouses.

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