A boda boda operator in Kakamega County, escaped death by a whisker after he was caught red handed drilling oil from a

A boda boda operator in Kakamega County, escaped death by awhisker after he was caught red handed drilling oil from a forbidden oil field.The woman, a mother of five children in her early 50s preferred young studs toher husband who is in his late sixties. Kutilo works as a night guard withinKakamega township. Her latest catch was a married 20-year-old boda boda rider.The okada man would arrive at the woman's house after 10pm every night when thehusband was away for work. One of the woman's neighbours became suspicious andstarted keeping tabs on the rider and his activities.

The pair became thesubject of village gossip. Locals wonders why such a youthful man would belured by a woman old enough to be his mother or even granny. Kutilo wasnotified of his wife's unusual behavior and her was stunned. He took time tocome to terms with the development. "Eliza is too old for this. She cannot do this. And what you man wants to be paired with a woman who is far waypast menopause," Kutilo told himself.

However, he sought the services ofnative doctors mugwenu Doctors catches cheating spouses. The medicine manconfirmed to him the claims were true. Mugwenu unleashed his spell to trap thetwo ill behaved adults. Barely two days, while Kutilo was maintaining guard ata supermarket, he received calls from neighbors that informed him their wastrouble in his house. The news was that the okada man had sneaked into hishouse and he could be heard sending the old woman back and forth to the ninthcloud. Eliza and her boyfriend, however, ran into distress, shouting inexcruciating pain stating that they were stuck.

Armed to the teeth, Kutiloquickly set off to his home. He found the two stuck as neighbour stared indisbelief.

"You are the one who has been having an affair with my wife.You will regret today," the watchman fumed. Without wasting time he rainedkicks and blows on the young man in rapid succession and gave no attentions tohis pleas for mercy. Other onlookers joined Kutilo in reshaping the bike rider.

"This young man married recently and should be content with his wife andkeep off the wives of others," one neighbour was heard as saying. Theyoungster claimed he visited Eliza on her invitation. This angered the husbandmore who also gave his wife a resounding beating. After some while, the nightfight was quelled by elders who were woken up by the commotion. Mugwenu Doctorsweighed in on the situation and Kutilo agreed to bury the hatchet.

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