Monday June 3, 2019-In 2016, Nairobi Women Representative, Ester Passaris, made some sensational claims regarding celebrated Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi.

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Monday June 3, 2019-In 2016, Nairobi Women Representative, EsterPassaris, made some sensational claims regarding celebrated EquityBank CEO James Mwangi.

In an interview with alocal daily, Passaris claimed that Equity CEO tried to sexually harass her whenshe was in a function at Mt Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki.

She said the incidenthappened in early 2000s when she was running an advertising company named AdoptA Light.

She said she had a loanof Sh 60 million from Equity Bank and Mwangi approached her at the hotel and toldher he can clear her loan if she accepts to sleep with her.

Passaris claimed Mwangi frustrated her business after sherejected his sexual overtures

She concluded by saying Mwangi hired wheeler dealer, Brian Yongo, tofile a winding up notice against her company, Winding Up Cause No.31 of 2010 atMilimani Courts.

She said Mwangi frustrated her and her children after sherefused to sleep with him.

But since a lie gets halfway around the world before truth puts on its boots, now the real truth has emerged.

Details have emerged about how Passaris booked a room at MtKenya Safari Club to lure the Equity bank CEO.

Equity Bank senior managers were having a function at thehotel and like a Koinange prostitute, Passaris booked a room to lure Mwangiinto her dirty activities.

When Mwangi rejected her advances, the “dirty Delilah” wasembarrassed and she went to the press claiming that the self-made billionaire hadsexually harassed her.

These revelations come a day after a leaked conversation between Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko and Passaris.

In the conversation, Passariswas begging money from Sonko in exchange for sex.

Sonko gave her the money but rejected the offer.