Mimi pesa niko nazo lakini kuna kitu ilikuwa inasumbua mimi.I am married and my two children are in high school.I work in

Mimi pesa niko nazo lakini kuna kitu ilikuwa inasumbuamimi.I am married and my two children are in high school.I work in Nairobi andmy wife lives in Kisumu.I only visit my family once a week and sometimes aftertwo weeks.

It happened that one of mycolleagues was going to Kisumu two weeks ago.Since I was not busy,I told him todrop at my house and go his way….he agreed. We started our journey a bit lateand I was sure I was to be in Kisumu at 11pm.My issue that day was that Ididn’t have a phone but I had one that my wife was using which I wanted toborrow before I get money to buy mine.Unfortunately,I didn’t get time to callmy wife in advance.

We arrived in Kisumu and Iwent straight to Tuskys Supermarket and did some shopping.My colleague thendropped my outside my house. But as I was alighting, I saw lights were still onin my bedroom.I was curious to know what was happening. That’s when I tip toedto see whether there was something unusual.

As I approached the wall of mybedroom window, I heard a man talk in base,”babe,hata paka mzee ukunywamaziwa,unataka ngapi ndio nionje kidogo?”I didn’t believe my eyes,I went nearerto hear better.That’s when my wife responded,”hiyo omieri yako hiweziiingia naumelipa mia tano tu”.

My trouser became small asmuscles contracted. My voice failed me after I tried to shout.I loitered aroundthe house looking for a place to peep inside the house to have a clear view andcollect evidence. After I heard my wife say,”usiniumize,weka pole pole.Hiikituhaiendi mahali!All of a sudden I heard,”babe,babe ,oh my goodness!Out ofjealous and anger,I pushed the door hard and found myself inside the house.

Immediately they heard meshout and hit the bedroom door, my wife opened and started apologizing, but theman who was with her, who I discovered was her fellow teacher,startedthreatening me that he can kill me and have my wife forever.He said,”utamunimesikia,kitu iko sawa”,Ukienda Nairobi nitakukulia bibi tena.He talked as herushed outside. I feared to wrestle him because he had enough muscles tohumiliate me.

All of a sudden tears startedflowing down my cheeks as I pondered on the way forward. My wife haddisappeared and left me alone. For three hours I didn’t sleep, but sleepoverwhelmed me and found myself in the sofa the following morning.

The following I woke up andsaid I must teach this mburukenge a lesson.I wanted his private parts tomigrate from their rightful place to the forehead.I contacted this doctor whoeveryone is praising.

I called his number andemailed him.I had saved these details in my phone:

Phone number +254740637248

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

His email address www.mugwenudoctors.com

It’s last evening that theteacher called me and said he can’t locate his private parts and he is feelingtoo much pain.I told me he will do everything so that I can forgive him.Whatshould I do?

CALL -+254740637248




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