Last week I was engaged in a serious conversation with a lady who had just dealt with her husband’s mpango wa kando.

Last week I was engaged in a serious conversation with alady who had just dealt with her husband’s mpango wa kando.

The lady is my high schoolfriend and she is married with two children. She informed me that one of herhusband’s coworkers had become a thorn in her flesh. Her husband had met thisnew woman during a seminar in Nairobi and he could not control himself. Theybegan an affair together.

The man decided to rent ahouse in Donholm for this coworker.

Over time, he ended upneglecting his wife for a mpango wa kando.

Since my friend did not wantto break her family set up, she decided to find a solution. She opted for atraditional way to work out the situation.

My friend confided in me thatthere was one person who would do the job of thoroughly punishing the mpango wakando. She was determined to set free the husband.

Since I am generous, I willgive you the numbers my friend gave me. Call secretly and arrange for ameeting. I promise you the girl will regret why she decided to invade anotherperson’s marriage.

Just save these details anduse them when necessary, especially if your partner is cheating on you.

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