Death Stranding

  • A highly-anticipated game set to arrive this November is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 — it's called "Death Stranding."
  • Since being announced in June 2016,

During the past three years, there have been several lengthy trailers released for the upcoming game " Death Stranding."

"Death Stranding" is the hotly anticipated new game from Hideo Kojima, the video game industry's foremost auteur and creator of the critically-acclaimed "Metal Gear."

But each of the "Death Stranding" trailers has been more inscrutable than the last.

In the first trailer, a naked Norman Reedus weeps while holding a baby on a beach full of dead sealife. In another, Léa Seydoux eats a squirming grub. In several of the trailers, a baby in a womb gives a thumbs up, does a backflip, and shows the viewer its butt.

What is this game?

This week, we finally found out, thanks to an extra lengthy new trailer that provides a deeper look at how the game will actually play. Here's everything we learned about the biggest upcoming game of 2019: