Uber passengers getting into Uber

Sure, everyone likes the smell of freshly cooked food every now and then, but the odor from your delicious take out can linger well beyond when you exit your Uber ride. The next passenger might not enjoy fried chicken or Chinese take out as much as you, and could give the driver a bad rating for their interesting choice of air freshener scent.

Drugs can be even more dangerous.

The lingering odor of marijuana could cause serious headaches for a driver. If the next passenger reports even the possibility of a driver working while impaired because of the cannabis scent, they could end up booted from the platform for an indefinite amount of time while the company investigates.

"Young people get in my car all the time reeking of marijuana," Wallace, a driver in Connecticut, said. "I don't mind personally — as long as they aren't smoking in the car — but if another passenger so much as complains about the car smelling like weed, it can get me deactivated from the app."

Mahmoud, a driver in Los Angeles, said he's sure to air out the car after to avoid any complications.

"If you smell like weed, I have to air out the car before picking up the next person," he said. "I don't care necessarily, but I have to protect myself. The person who gets in next could complain or say I was driving under the influence."