African News: Close shave: How student rescued Ugandan singer from sinking boat

I managed to bring her up to the boat but she died right there as part of her life jacket got stuck
Iryn Namubiru [Photo: Courtesy]

Ugandan singer Iryn Namubiru has thanked a man she says risked his own life to come to her aid after their boat capsized on Lake Victoria on Saturday.

Through a long Facebook post, Namubiru wrote that she owes her life to Brian Masoli – a student at Kampala International University (KIU) – who rescued her after she jumped off the sinking boat that claimed at least 31 lives.

The Anjagala hitmaker disclosed that Masolewent back to the lake three times, rescuing other passengers who had jumped off from drowning.

“Here is Masole Brian a student at KIU who saved my life and many others’. He went back to the lake 3 times until there were no other people alive. Brian and other fellow students had hired their boat to go have fun on the nearby Islands. When they heard and saw our boat capsizing, he quickly took his friends ashore and came to rescue us.

Brian with [Photo: Courtesy

“He heard my distress calls for help as I saw other boats passing us by, saw the light of my phone that I kept waving up and came right to me. He asked me for the phone, bag and then pulled me in. Then he tried to pull the lady who came grabbing on my hand and life jacket almost drowning me.

“I managed to bring her up to the boat but she died right there as part of her life jacket got stuck under the boat and she was too heavy. That was Mrs. Bibase owner of the boat. I left my phone with Brian which he used to save others and went straight to resuscitate a one Shyla Namkunda who must have died on the boat.

“I thank you Brian, The fishermen, the locals and all those who with whom we were trying to save others. It’s unfortunate that one fisherman died so others could live. May he R.I.P.

“On that very night, Brian communicated with my people found who I was, assured them that I was alive and safe. At 03h30 he was at my house with my manager just to make sure.
Yesterday, Monday 26th, 2018, Brian came home, brought back my shoes and phone!
We took this photo.

“You are my hero. And again, To God be the Glory.”

26 people were rescued from the ill-fated boat, as of Sunday, while at least 27 remain unaccounted for.

It is believed that the boat was transporting more than 100 revelers including Prince David Wasajja and was headed to K Palm Beach in Mukono District.

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