Inside Kim Porter and Sean "Diddy" Combs' Tumultuous Relationship: Love, Dramatic Splits and 4 Kids Who Kept Them Close

Kim Porter, Sean P. Diddy CombsWhen Kim Porter left Sean "Diddy" Combs for good, she did so in grand fashion. Not wanting to put up with

A source told the New York Post in 2001 that Combs had still been living with Porter in 1999 when he started seeing Lopez.

Meanwhile, paternity papers that Porter filed in March 2001 stated that she and Combs had an intimate relationship between 1995 and 2000. After that raised some eyebrows, Combs said that any word of J.Lo-Kim overlap was "100 percent false" and Porter too said there was "no overlap." She told the Post, "It ended in 1999."

She also clarified that Combs was already giving her $6,800 a month in child support but she wanted him to be legally declared his father—and she wanted more money for "a full-time live-in nanny, after-school programs, summer camps, lessons, extracurricular activities, tutors, sports programs, and private school tuition and expenses."

"He's a great father and we're working things out," Porter also told thePost. "The procedures we're going through are standard procedures. We just have to get everything signed, sealed and delivered with a court order." Combs' rep, meanwhile, called Porter's lawyers ambulance chasers and said that the Bad Boy Entertainment founder's kids "mean the world to him, and, as always, he will continue to financially support them, no expense spared."

(Side note: the Post also reported at the time that Combs and Naomi Campbellhad been seeing a lot of each other lately.)

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