Mo Salah: Egypt footballer weighs in on cats and dogs row

The footballer rejects Egypt's plans to send strays abroad amid fears they will be used for food.
Mo Salah selfie with his catsImage copyrightMo Salah
Image caption The Liverpool striker posed alongside his pet Siamese cats

Football star Mo Salah has spoken out against plans in his home nation of Egypt to export stray animals abroad, amid fears they will be used for food.

"Cats and dogs will not be exported anywhere. This won't happen and can't happen," he tweeted, alongside images of his pet Siamese cats.

Animal rights activists reacted with anger over the decision, with many calling for the practice to end.

Stray cats and dogs are widespread in Egypt's streets.

The row began after it was reported last week that Egypt's agriculture ministry had approved the exportation of about 4,000 cats and dogs abroad.

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